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Thread: Roof rails/trims

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    26th July 2006
    Portsmouth Hampshire

    Thank you for clearing up my thoughts. I for one appreciate yours and Heritage's effort to keep our aging watercooled classic alive and road worthy.

    Hopefully in time once the tooling, setup costs etc are covered that the price will decrease slightly.

    Looking forward to the discount.
    VR6 Moonlight Blue

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    Now in stock in our warehouse, so available for next day delivery

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    4th April 2015
    How much are they Anna? I've not painted my car yet and I did get mine off complete. .
    Might just go on my wish list for Santa

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    £99.17 plus VAT per side with the forum discount

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    18th September 2006
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    Hi Anna I've sent you a pm about a part I'm after.

    Mystic Blue Storm VR6
    Stealth Rebuilt Engine, 263's, 288mm, BMC-CDA, KW V1's, E57 ORM, Wavetrac LSD, VT Engine Mounts, Jetex
    CCGB - 2772

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    4th June 2011
    Has anyone received their trims yet? I'd be interested to hear from you.

    Elliotts 93 weathered valver"No Significant Problems"

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    Blimey O'reilly that's not a bad price really,
    I think I paid £300ish back in 2015 for a set of new roof strips,
    from someone on this forum that had a set that they wanted to sell.

    I just thought well we won't see this part new again,
    or if we do it'll just be the left side only that'll be available,
    but fair play this part is back and both sides too.

    Top work Anna nice one.

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    Hi Anna,

    Are these roof moldings still available? What's the current price and contact details?

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    Quote Originally Posted by james brown View Post
    Hi Anna,

    Are these roof moldings still available? What's the current price and contact details?
    Links here, we have some more on order

    Due the end of this month

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