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Thread: VR6 misfire (dizzy model) only in first / second gear under light acceleration

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    Appears to be, I've had the car since July and no problems so far.

    Good luck sorting your problem.
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    Ah super i'll give that a go!
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    A couple things I would check if you haven't, is the throttle body and throttle cable. If you get baked on oil on the throttle plate edges, it can hang up the plate. Usually it has the effect of idling higher than normal as it won't close all the way being bunged up with carbon. Make sure the throttle cable isn't binding as well when this occurs and everything mechanically looks good.

    The other is the vacuum lines. They can look fine, but can get very hard, and then no longer seal when warmed up since they are no longer as flexible as they were. It won't affect idle, but then when taking off, at higher vacuum, can mess up things. Sounds like a frustrating problem. I hate drivability problems.

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