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    BBS Solitudes * 5

    Hi All,

    I have now replaced the solitudes on my Storm, old set now for sale, plus a new wheel that came from VW with a small dent in the rim (replaced by them).

    2 have tyres (one is Firestone dated 2012, other is Dunlop dated 2007!) the other three are bare.

    All need refurbing depending on whether you want to do the new rim with the small dent as well?

    I want £100 for them or close offer.

    Collection from Cheltenham.


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    What size are they?

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    5 x 100 - 6.5J ET 43 iirc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seanl82 View Post
    5 x 100 - 6.5J ET 43 iirc.
    Absolutely cock on!

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    They were standard fit for Corrado Storm and Golf VR6 models and some MK3 GTi models.

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