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Thread: Porsche Navigation head unit

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    11th January 2010

    Porsche Navigation head unit

    Hi all,

    Just thought I would share this head unit that I have seen on a few classsic Porsche's.

    single din, bluetooth, and navigation.

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    That is Fugly though. Granted it'll suit classic Porkas, but I've never been particularly taken with Porsche interiors if I'm honest.
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    I like it, especially with the nav feature. Would be good for travelling the continent next year

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    Not bad, but I always liked the looks of the OE Gamma IV head unit in a Corrado - run with a CD changer or MP3 aux in. Or anothe option is a nice Nakamichi CD-35/45 with green illumination. Getting hard to find now though.

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    Like the look but not exactly value for money at circa £900!

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    Looks like an update for the old Becker traffic pro which was expensive but good and would look right in an old dash

    I quite like this one aswell
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