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Thread: FOR SALE 1995 Cherry Black 2.9 VW Corrado VR6

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    FOR SALE 1995 Cherry Black 2.9 VW Corrado VR6

    12mths MOT as of 4/7/17 sailed through with no recommendations.

    This Car has the original Karmann Interior inc heated fron Leather seats, original wheels and paintwork. 1995 Cherry Black 2.9 VW Corrado VR6, Only 80,000 Genuine Miles, tons of paper work to prove it could be full service history but havn't been through it all, Spent £2,600 last year 4 new tyres, full service, new fuel pump, shock Absorbers all round two Wishbone arms, front and back pads.

    Was my fathers pride and joy but sat in a garage for 9 years due to his eye sight, im not into cars and im sure somebody wants to take over the bit of work left to do. Few little scrapes and a dent over back wheel arch will accept offers over 6K.


    Based in Lancashire

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    Newbie Tonyt123's Avatar
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    8th October 2016
    Get that bumper sprayed up for the little cost . Good luck
    classic green vr6 1995 .
    t6 vw 2012
    audi a3 sport

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    CF Nutter
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    10th September 2003
    Can you take a photo of the arch. Front on?
    With the paintwork you need pictures to be representative please. Same with interior,take a photo of drivers seat.Saves buyers like me who want one but right/ almost right wasting time at your door


    Free Drink tommorow !

    corrado 1.8 16valve nugget yellow 1989 92k
    Standard bar Brilliance bulbs+headlight loom,Mk4's calipers,Aeros and splits for the summer

    Need a rust free Passenger early wing if you canhelp me,send me a PM (16.08.2011)

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    9th September 2008
    Southport, Merseyside
    Is this still available?
    94' Blackberry VR6, Stealth Big Valve Head Rebuild, Stealth Remap, 268 cam's, 220bhp.. Front Mount Oil Cooler, Vibratech Mounts, Konis, Heated Leather & Washers (SOLD)
    04' CLK 55 AMG, AMG Performance package. 367bhp (SOLD)
    52' 911 Targa 3.6 Tiptronic)

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    Sorry for late reply been on holiday but the answer is Yes its still available, do you need any more info?
    thanks Alistair

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    Regular 1xshaunx1's Avatar
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    14th December 2010
    near sheffield
    There should be sticker in the boot with extras and paint coded n stuff on. My guess is LK4Z. Which would make it a Blackberry/Bramble to give a proper colour description

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    Hi, is this still for sale ?
    Regards Roger
    1995 N Corrado vr6 candy white
    1996 Polo Harlequin
    2000 Golf GTI Blue
    1957 Beetle Oval window (2.3 long block air-cooled)
    2008 Touareg V6 TDI Altitude

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    Hi mate, yes its still for sale anything you want to know?

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    CF Nutter too hot's Avatar
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    12th November 2002
    Costa Del Clyde,Scotchland ...Baby!
    Hi Alistair if this is still for sale can you pm me a contact number??
    CCGB# 3253

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    Would also like to speak with you about the car, whats the best mobile number for you? Ian

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